Obsidianotion: Your Obsidian with look and feel of Notion

Hey, people!
My first theme was released: Obsidianotion

Your Obsidian with a similar look and feel of Notion. But it’s better because it’s Obisidian!

I know it can be challenging to migrate between tools, and the processn can greatly impact your productivity. That’s why good design can help accelerate the learning curve by creating a familitar context of experience to hlep us focus on the only thing that matters: note-taking.

This theme can help people who are migrating from Notion to Obsidian to feel more comfortable with the new flow and interface. It can also be a beautiful theme for those who already use Obsidian frequently.

diegoeis/Obsidianotion: Just a little theme for obsidian with notion inspired design (github.com)


Thank you so much for submitting this theme. I’ve been having so much fun with the callout colors. So many color options!

Almost every single color I came up with produced a corresponding callout. That’s a lot of colors!

I like your theme because it really does evoke the same feel and sense of Notion, but it doesn’t go overly deep into trying to replicate everything. I feel like I’m writing in a familiar environment, but I don’t get distracted by all the bells and whistles that come with Notion. I like using this theme because it helps me focus :slightly_smiling_face: .

I kind of miss the way the vault titles looked in the first version. It looked very neat with the extra padding and the line underneath it. I’d be really cool if that was added back as an additional style setting.

Thanks for making this theme!

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