Obsidian/Zotero Citation-How to show citation next to text. Beginner/user Problem :(

Hi guys, i am pretty new to Obsidian 6 and i really need your help cause it drives me nuts.

I am using it for my research and i use Zotero for my literature, annotate it there and import it (Bibtex +Zotero Integration) to Obsidian. It creates a new site (i downloaded a template) with the title, metadata, abstract, and annotations, my comments and the hyperlinked resources to Zotero with the correct page. perfect!

But, when i want to write a text in a new note, how can i quickly search for my annotations (like a search bar of the zotero integration) and insert just the reference (eg. Heylen et al. (2015) p.2)

something like this: According to Heleyen, he thinks that…blablabla (Heylen et al. (2015) p.2)

Using the Zotero search bar i only find the title, not the referenced annotations with the page number that i have done in zotero, so i would have to insert/write them manually (hand written)
Using citation plugin same thing, cant find my annotations in the search bar (only leterature) so i cant insert reference. Copy and Paste from my Obsidian Master Lieterature File is cumbersome and its formated in a way i dont understand how to extract.

Bonus: If the references are hyperlinked to zotero directly it would be awesome and in the end, a list of the used literature in this note would be even better.

Thank you for your help. I lost hours of solving this issues but nothing helped.


I used this tutorial

no idea?

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