Obsidian→Zotero→Anki Integration

I wanted to figure out a way to remember papers that were important for me to remember and reference, so I hacked together a process for this using @argentum#3920 and @Pseudonium#3495’s plugins.


  1. Have items in zotero that have at least the Title and abstract filled out

  2. create a Md Notes Template.md for the plugin to read. Put this in it:

Back: {{abstractNote}}
  1. Run the Mdnotes extension "create a full export note.

  2. Put all the created md notes into a folder.

  3. Instal the obsidian to anki plugin.

  4. Install anki as well as Anki Connect. use this: Setup · Pseudonium/Obsidian_to_Anki Wiki · GitHub and make sure your config matches.

  5. Restart Anki

  6. Decide what export format you want to use, and what deck things should go to, etc, following instructions in the wiki. I used q/a style: Question answer style · Pseudonium/Obsidian_to_Anki Wiki · GitHub and put this in the regex box for “Basic” notes: ^Q: ((?:.+\n)*)\n*A: (.+(?:\n(?:^.{1,3}$|^.{4}(?<!<!--).*))*)

  7. Enjoy!

I made a new zotero folder and obsidian deck and anki deck for this process because I wanted to keep things seperate and clean.

I was hoping that tags would work, but mdnotes exports tags as links like Tag: [[tag1]], [[tag2]], etc whereas Obsidian/Anki plugin wants tags like Tag: Tag1 Tag2 Tag3 — it might still work but I didn’t try it for this run

the anki tags would look a little weird tho, but it’s nbd mostly

also you might want to unselect “attach mdnote to zotero item” if you’re going to be moving things and breaking links


A small reminder that you can format the tags in the mdnotes export!
There is also a hidden preference to use the Obsidian URI instead of/in addition to the standard file links (that should work if you move things around, as long as you have shortest path in your settings).

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