Obsidian won't sync via icloud

I’m fairly new to Obsidian and now I have some issue with iCloud sync.

After creating notes on MacBook , the notes won’t be synced to iphone/ipad. in the Obsidian Icloud folder, the notes not synced have a little cloud icon and will only sync if you selected it. as shown in the attached picture.
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 08.59.12

What I’m trying to do

Trying to get notes sync between MacBook and IOS deveiecs.

Things I have tried

Restart the system, won’t work.
selected the note files in question, then it will sync, but i suppose i shouldn’t have to do this manually for all new notes.

thanks for all your help in advance.

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I couldn’t remember what the dotted-line cloud folder icon was, but it looks like it means that the files are waiting for upload to iCloud. This screenshot is from the Finder?


In another app or in the Finder on your mac, are you able to make a file/folder, save it in iCloud Drive somewhere, have it upload, and then be available on your phone? Or is it just the iCloud Drive/Obsidian folder that’s not uploading?

This problem seems belong to iCloud service. My files are on the iCloud also met the same issue sometimes.

After trying to use iCloud sync without successful, I saved money and spent for Obsidian sync. It worked perfectly between many kind of devices.

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When iCloud gets “stuck” on a file or files, disabling it (just for Obsidian or altogether) and turning it back on can sometimes unstick it.

that dotted line icon stands for “waiting to upload”, actually it’s quite easy to force a sync by touching the document or alter anything about that file. but that’s still an extra manual move to do.
i believe this issue results from influx of too many files and the icloud can not handle that.

per my search it persists in icloud service for years and does not seem to go away anytime soon.

thanks for your help.

for now it’s easy to fix, just “touch” the documents in question and it will resume sync, but still not ideal for a cloud service.
i believe this issue results from influx of too many files and the icloud can not handle that.
maybe someday i will try the obsidian sync. thanks man.

in my situation, actually it’s quite easy to force a sync by touching the document or alter anything about that file.
too bad this still happens to so many users.

Thanks for the tip.

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OMG, what a pain! I just realized that I continuously lose my notes (for how long? years?).
Even though I used OneDrive on Mac and iCloud should have been turned off (I never used it), it seems like I’m having a very similar problem (just described it here on Apple StackExchange)

The files with “dotted-lines cloud” icon were never synched with OneDrive, even after reboot.
Even after you open them again and again to review your notes with Obsidian. I confirm, that they only get synched when you double-click them with Finder (which normally I never do)

At the same time, by clicking OneDrive icon on the menu bar I can clearly see in the “log”, that the file “You can restore what was deleted from remote until GC happened.md” was “Uploaded to Pro Git”, it’s a lie, because there have never been such file in the OneDrive cloud

And, unfortunately, I “can not restore what was deleted”, because I recently hard-reset my Mac thinking my notes are perfectly safe and backed up by OneDrive, but they were not :man_facepalming:.
I’ve read 5 chapters of fresh MEAP edition of “Kubernetes in Action” book and made lot’s of notes, and what left in OneDrive cloud after resetting my Mac: only 4 notes, that’s it!

I should’ve better been using a git to backup my notes… :sob:

And still for now, I do not understand what is the source of the problem… Where should I report the problem?

  • is it Apple iCloud conflicting with OneDrive resulting in this “stuck files”, forever “waiting for upload”? But as I said, I never set up iCloud and never used it.
  • is it poor OneDrive implementation which says “:white_check_mark: Your files are synched” and displays explicitly that your particular files were successfully uploaded to the cloud, while actually they never reached the cloud?
  • or is there anything special in how Obsidian writes files to the file system? I am asking this, because I think there are lot’s of people using the combination of OneDrive client app on Mac and if it was a global problem, it should have been revealed long time ago and fixed already (but I lost my notes in 2022, I lost them a month ago and I am losing the ones I’ve created on last weekends)
  • or is it an unfortunate combination of all above, which led me to such sad consequences?

First, sorry if you lost any data!

  1. Where are you storing your notes? You say iCloud is off. But, it seems you are storing it in an iCloud location. I’m not familiar with OneDrive, but did it let you choose where to put the folder?

This definitely does seem like it would be causing problems, if two cloud tools are fighting each other.

  1. Syncing tools are not backups. So OneDrive should not be what you rely on for backups. At least not completely. Backups should be saving periodic copies somewhere. Copies that won’t be destroyed if your local version is damaged or altered.

  2. Git is also not backup. Git is version control software. That can be useful, but you have to backup your repositories too. Perhaps you meant “Github”. If you already knew all that, apologies, but maybe that will help someone else who reads this.

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