Obsidian with SimpleMind

Hi all!

I’m using SimpleMind (SM) since a lot. It is by far the best mind mapping software available (compared with X-Mind, Miro, etc) for a low and lifetime price.

Some of the key functionalities are:

  • Totally offline and self hosted
  • Multiple start nodes option
  • Bi-directional links
  • Quick add nodes with map free or preset designs

After review the MindMap Plugin, I’m searching for a conection between Obsidian and SimpleMind. The key thing here its, SM already have a Wordpress plugin.

Also, the idea is to connect the SM nodes with the Notes, adding another layer of conection (Tags, Links, Meta, and now SM).

Thanks a lot beforehand!, I hope you are interested. Cya


I would love to see this integration via a plugin

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