Obsidian wiped all files

I had Obsidian open. When I returned to it after doing other things, I noticed the theme was changed. I added it back, but then noticed other issues. I then realized, all my files were gone. The folder structure remained, but all files and plugins were gone. Any ideas why this might happen?

Where do you keep your vault? In a cloud service folder?

Just a guess, but it sounds like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., decided to offload the folder (vault). Every cloud service has its own name (“files on demand”, “streaming”, etc.), but you need to make sure this option is OFF. Obsidian needs all the files & folders in your vault local at all times.

If this isn’t the case, can you add some more details: your OS, your Obsidian version, where you keep your vault(s), do you have backups, etc.

I am running Windows 11. Obsidian is latest version. No external drives, everything local. I do have backups and restored, but lost all of today’s work. I run sync with phone app, but that’s it. The only change I made before the loss was adding the plugin for icon shortcodes. But, I don’t think that did it. The iPhone app was not opened today, so I can’t image it being at cause. It is odd that all files were wiped, including themes, snippets, and so on. Also Obsidian is the root of my user directory on C: if that matters (users/elder/vault).


What plugin is this? I know this one’s icons needs to be excluded from Sync: GitHub - FlorianWoelki/obsidian-iconize: Simply add icons to anything you want in Obsidian. Basically, the hundreds of tiny icon files jam Sync up, so you need exclude them.

That plugin or another though, I’m not sure how that would wipe your vault.

If you are using Obsidian Sync, you could maybe check the sync log, but that might no go back far enough.

I deleted the iPhone app after restore to avoid any chance of duplication. Sync log on desktop starts after the restore.

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