Obsidian Windows 98 Edition

I made this Windows 98 theme/makeover. Calling it makeover because I only modified the UI.

Repo: GitHub - SMUsamaShah/Obsidian-Win98-Edition: A windows 98 makeover theme for Obsidian


It can be polished more but I feel drained on this much already (not a CSS developer or even a fan) so if any one wants to continue I will gladly take in pull requests.


But why? :smiley:

Fairly impressive, if 90s brutalist.

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I love it.

Truly impressive!

Out of hate for modern zoomed in interfaces mostly and Obsidian also felt artificially slow. I learned Obsidian could be themed to anything. 98-XP had most straight forward UX where buttons do look like buttons. Now days everything is a BIG ICON.
So thats why i made this :man_shrugging:

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Are you gonna submit it to the community themes? :eyes:


pretty. feels modern commonplace book more that other themes and comfortable.
dreaming about installing it from community themes.

It’s published now


Just wanted to say this is a very usable theme. Most other themes blur the line between the UI and the content.
This theme is the only one so far that makes the distinction very clear.
I encourage people to try it as their daily (despite how jarring it initially looks).