Obsidian window stuck,unable to move on anywhere on screen on obsidian version greater than 1.0

Steps to reproduce

If i upgrade obsidian to any version above 0.15.9 the window gets stuck,it opens functions normally,just wont allow me to move the window.

Expected result

Actual result


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 21H1 BUILD 19043.1526
  • Debug info:

Additional information

Update your theme or switch to the default one.

If that does not solve it, please add the debug information to your post, you can get it by running the “Show debug info” command from the command pallete

fixed it by switching to different theme, sadly all the good themes like California coast,ying yang have this problem. Dev teams should really look into bringing back all the good themes. I was using California coast for a long time,excellent theme.

This would be on the theme authors rather than Obsidian developers, wouldn’t you agree?

It looks like the author of the California Coast theme addressed it here and that the Yin and Yang theme author didn’t respond to this issue being reported so someone forked it.

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