Obsidian window becomes translucent, freezes on macOS

Things I have tried

I’ve tried to check core and community plugins for updates - this doesn’t do anything.

What I’m trying to do

I’m using the latest version of Obsidian on macOS. I’ve noticed that it’s started to behave weirdly over the last few weeks.

Specifically, if I move away from the Obsidian window, the window then becomes almost translucent. Navigating back to the window doesn’t make the notes come back. I have to close the window itself, then click on the Obsidian icon in the task bar.

In addition to this, typing can be laggy regardless of whether I’m using a wired or wireless keyboard. I’ll be typing, and Obsidian freezes momtentarily.

I’ve looked at the core and community plugins - these are all up to date.

Is there anything else I am doing wrong? Any suggestionsor ideas?

What installer version is in use?

(Obsidian > Preferences > About > App > Current Version > Installer)

Hiya, it’s Version 1.0.3 (Installer 0.15.6)

I would suggest a fresh download to update the installer.

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Hi, I just tried that but it ‘slept’ again and I had to force reload it

Would anyone else have any ideas? It’s getting really annoying… Obsidian constantly ‘blanks’ which causes me to have to force refresh it, and/or totally quit it. This interrupts my typing and thought flow generally as it even does this mid-typing!

are all your themes and plug-ins up to date? What version of the Obsidian installer are you using? and is your Obsidian version 1.0 or later?

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