Obsidian Web Chrome Extension v2.1.1 - Note Recall, Better Snapshots

Release v2.1.1 of the Obsidian Web Chrome Extension has made it into the Chrome Web store; this release adds a few new features that you might find useful including:

  • “Note Recall” – Have you been to this page before? Maybe you already have notes about it? When enabled, this will cause the extension to let you know when you have pre-existing notes for the page you’re on via a message on the extension pop-up, or, if enabled, by showing a badge on the extension icon while you browse the web. You can use this for things like, for example, reminding yourself that although Audible continues to recommend Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE to you, that you just barely made it through Cryptonomicon last time, and that maybe you should save your credit for something that doesn’t require a 40-hour listening investment.
  • Better Snapshots – This release integrates mozilla readability so the markdown page content will include less of the non-readable parts of the page.
  • A little UI polish, and a few small bugfixes.

& all of the features previously discussed in the initial release note including:

  • Built-in and custom templates with access to the page URL, title, selected text, as well as page content.
  • Periodic note support
  • Etc.



See also: GitHub - coddingtonbear/obsidian-web: Connect your web browser with your notes in Obsidian.


The Chrome Extension stopped working after the update. I have my API-Key and everything. The Browser Plug gives me “Cant connect to Local Rest API”, while the interface at the demo page of the API totally connects to my Obsidian. Pls fix.

@walt74 – this isn’t the right forum for posting a bug report; this is: Issues · coddingtonbear/obsidian-web · GitHub ; I only came across your reply here by chance.

What I’d recommend, though, is making sure that Chrome has the latest version of the extension (2.2.2 as of the time of this writing; you can see this from the ‘Manage’ menu shown when right-clicking on the extension icon) and deleting/re-entering your API key into the Options menu (you can find that field from the ‘Options’ menu shown when right clicking on the extension icon).

If that doesn’t do it, though; feel free to post a bug issue to the link above and we can look into further troubleshooting options.

Does Obsidian web work on mobile? Newbie here.

Working great for me. Thank you @coddingtonbear