Obsidian vs Craft doc

I am not a tech person. Looking at Obsidian vs Craft; please give me a few bullet points - why Obsidian over Craft using a Mac & iOS? Thank you!

I recommend you search the Mac Power Users forum for the discussions there.

This is like asking “should I use a spreadsheet or a database app?”

How can we respond without knowing what problem domain you are working in. For me, I need a “deep” knowledge manager and that makes Craft a non-starter. Craft is missing a database component and the Craft people say they are not planning to add one.

I use Dataview in Obsidian to generate lists/tables of notes that satisfy certain criteria that are stored as key-value pairs inside MOCs. For example: all notes of type “summary” that are tagged “-edit” or list all notes by “ticker” pertaining to “Reits” with a rank of 4-5.

I do read the Slack postings for the Craft channel every day, and I’m concerned with the frequent posts of bug reports. Yes, they come out with almost weekly updates, but still many bugs. I’m also seeing a movement by Craft towards more task management features, which is not what I need. Craft doesn’t support tags and tables (but tables are coming “soon” and tags, further down the road).

I was excited when I first started using Craft since the MAC-iOS-iPadOS variants work nicely together, and the interface is beautiful. But once you get into it, depending on what you use it for, you may become more jaded. One example of friction when using Craft for text notes (it supports markdown), since it is block based, you can’t highlight the second part of a paragraph along with the first part of the next block (in order to copy/paste or whatever).

As I said, it all depends on what you plan to use Craft for.