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So I looked at my version in Obsidian->About on macOS

In the About screen it says Current version: v0.14.6
Installer version: v0.12.15

So I read the manual page about this. I have to say it’s a bit confusing. Should I or should I not download a new version and install it? Why is the version I see in Finder different from the current version?

You should download & install a new version from the website.
Your installer version is a bit outdated.
The page you linked gives a explanation why updating the installer version every once in a while is important.

What version does Finder report?

Finder version is the same as the Installer Version. So how does this work that there can be an “auto-update” version that is different from the binary sitting in my Applications folder?

As the page you linked says:

Your current version is your Obsidian version. This is the version of the app on top of the engine (which is Electron). It will increase when you auto-update, but your installer version will not. Your installer version will only increase when you install Obsidian with a new installer.

So the binary file that is saved in the Applications folder is the version you installed, plus the engine.
The files for the current Obsidian version is located in a different folder, and gets loaded when launching Obsidian.

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I think this is a common confusion. The about should have the obsidian version and electron version that you are using and indicate when either is out of date. The obsidian version can be updated in the app, and if electron is outdated, you need to have a link/button for a new installer.


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