Obsidian vault conversion for SSG

Hello! What is the easiest and best way to convert an Obsidian Vault into HTML, or converting the vault to a format usable for Jekyll or Hugo? Maintaining the wikliinks is important. Thank you!

I have some ideas, but would like to ask for clarification before I type useless ones. When you say “Maintaining the wikilinks is important” do you just want the links to work and take you to the right page, or are you also trying to keep the [[wikilink]] syntax?

I am certain you just want the links to work, so I will risk it and point you to my new favorite exporting plugin: Obsidian-Webpage-Export

That plugin will essentially create a flatted html site of your vault; links, pictures and all


I simply want the existing [[Wikilinks]] to link to whatever it is. Maintaining the Obsidian syntax itself is not important to me.

Thank you for linking this! I will check this out.

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