Obsidian URL with section link?


I would like to link into my obsidian notes to a specific block (not only a file).

Things I have tried

  • I searched in this forum
  • I tried adding the block link like documented for the internal links Link to blocks
  • I checked the official documentation here Using obsidian URI

What I’m trying to do

I would like to link into my obsidian notes to a specific block (not only a file).

For example: I have a long file test.md that contains a section named ^mysection.

An internal link looks like that: [[test#^mysection]]

What I would like to do is create an obsidian URL for the same link. The only thing I can do is this link:

Is there the possibility to add the section?

non working examples:

Kind regards

Some more guesses you could try…

Should probably include &file=test, right?

You could also try block instead of section.

Looks like you only included either the hash or the caret (whichever %5E is). It might need both (tho you would only need the hash of linking to a heading, if this technique is valid).

Thanks for your input. You are right regarding the file parameter.

I tried with file, with block instead of section and with different ^and # combinations. Nothing worked ;-(

This isn’t supported, as far as I know. There’s a feature request here: URL Scheme: direct navigation to heading - #20 by Vinadon

And the thread includes a suggestion that the advanced-uri plugin might help with this.

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Thank you for sharing that information.

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