Obsidian URL does not run anymore when the file or folder name changes (and other issues)

When I copy the Obsidian URL and paste it in a note I can use it as intended. But if the file- or foldername changes, the link does not adapt itself as expected.

There are some other issues with the Obsidian URL in this forum. Is this feature depreciated or will it be revised in the near future?


This is an working image link:


This tries to get the same result, but does not work and looks bad:

[![[2023-03-20-Tabelle-mit-Zeilen-und-Spaltennummern.png]]]([[2023-03-21-CTA Excel Tabelle mit Zeilen- und Spaltennummern.xlsx]])

A good workaround (as long I can rename the file- or foldername in the future) would help as well.

The feature isn’t deprecated. But it never auto-updated the links.

As a workaround, the Advanced URI plugin supports using a UID string, which is read from your frontmatter and stays the same, even if the note name changes. (I never tried.) File identifiers | Obsidian Advanced URI

I believe this UID feature is available directly in core Obsidian too. But it isn’t exposed as a command. So it’s harder to find the id number.


Thank you very much for your workaround, but a native solution would be better. Obsidian knows how to change filenames in other places (for example: adapting of links). Why doesn’t the obsidian URL use a similar mechanism?

That’s fair enough. I suggest making a feature request. But search first, because that seems like something that would have been requested.

This seems related, but very different: Move vault files by Obsidian command line option or URL to allow scriptable link updates

That said, what exactly are you trying to do? May I ask why you’re using Obsidian URLs as links? I guess the intention for this scheme is to be able to link to notes from outside applications. (Or from other vaults.) And so it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect the links to update from outside the vault.

But why are you using Obsidian URLs from within a vault? Is it solely as a workaround to get clickable link images? Because “clickable image links” might be a better feature request, rather than requesting the workaround as a feature. (Again, please search first.)

Also, I can’t get your “working image link” to work for me. If I put anything except text inside the link name, it just breaks the link. I wonder if you’re using a plugin that enables that functionality?

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