Obsidian URI didn't work if Obsidian was running in background

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  • Device: Pixel5
  • System: Android 11
  1. Obsidian is running in background.
  2. Using automate to open Obsidian URI. (like open, new)


It should work normally just like fresh open obsidian.


Obsidian was opened, but nothing happened. (It should do what URI mean as expected)

I can’t seem to repro this on Android 10. Anyone else on Android 11 running into this issue too?

Some videos about the case.

Also, I use automate to open Obsidian URI.

Weird, is there any way you can test the URI via something else? I’ve tested by creating a URL in the browser and clicking on it.

I suspect your automation tool is doing something funky when it says “Start an app activity” - it might be explicitly running a start intent, which the OS interprets as a noop when the activity is already started.

Yeah! After testing, I find I had to use “content view” instead of “open app” to do it. Thanks for your suggestions!

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