Obsidian updated and vaults (which were in icloud) are gone

What I’m trying to do

recover my vaults :frowning: they are no where to be found after obsidian updated.
one day i went to open obsidian, and it was just a fresh vault with no other reference to old vaults. my vaults were stored on icloud, they’re gone.

Things I have tried

i found a few other posts that said that when obsidian auto-updated, it deleted their vaults.
i had two vaults that were stored on icloud. i’ve been using them for 2+ years and they hold a wealth of information for me. they’re not there. i can’t find them anywhere.

i’m using a mac, i did not recently update my os, and i made sure that icloud isn’t optimizing storage.

i WAS using plugins, several of them that i don’t remember – something to make tables, something to make .md writing look nicer, etc.

If you use the mac’s Finder and navigate to iCloud Drive/Obsidian/ is there anything in that Obsidian folder?

You could also have a look on https://www.icloud.com/ in the iCloud Drive section:

Recover files deleted from iCloud Drive or iWork apps

  1. In iCloud Drive on iCloud.com, click Recently Deleted in the sidebar.
  2. Click Recover All, or select each file you want to recover, then click Recover.

hey, thanks so much for your reply.

there was nothing in the obsidian folder in my icloud :frowning:

and to your second suggestion, i was really hopeful this would work! but there was nothing in my icloud data recovery folder, nor in my iCloud Drive’s ‘recently deleted’ folder… which is honestly perplexing because they SHOULD be there if they were deleted, since the time window for auto-deletion hasn’t closed yet.

I’m sorry to hear that happened. Did you have any other backups?

Or were you iCloud syncing to any other devices that you could disconnect from the internet and potentially find copies before they get removed from that device? I saw something on google that if your iCloud account is nearly full, sometimes things get immediately deleted. (Whether that is trustworthy info or not, I couldn’t say.)

Have you attempted to check Obsidian’s File Recovery plugin? If you open snapshots, you have to search for files, and there may be snapshots there. I don’t personally know if there is a way to bulk restore from there.

I hope you can find something. But either way, I highly recommend keeping backups in the future. Sync tools are not great as full backups. Occasionally, you’ll want to make copies of your data into another location (whether manually, or automatically with some tool. The more the better.)

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