Obsidian Update to 1.0.0 - Code Snippets (esp. efemkay/obsidian-modular-css-layout) not working again in Linux v. 1.0.0


I must realise that for instance

cssClass: wide-page;

in the front mattter doesn’t work anymore. Further plugins such as Contextual Typography haven’t worked even before.

Am I the only one with the problem that efemkay/obsidian-modular-css-layout doesn’t work ?

Also: I would like to place my vaults for the new version in a new place. Can I just copy+paste into new location? How do you manage your vaults together with different obsidian versions?


The modular css is being reworked for, and two of the snippets have been updated.
You can find them here:

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You’ll probably get more answers if you ask unrelated questions as separate posts.

Yes, that should work.

hi @coreSpotz, for the MCL part i think that was a bug after i included global settings for dataview/table/callout blocks. i’ve updated the snippets and merge to the main to support Obsidian 1.0.x. do download/update to the latest. let me know if that doesn’t resolve it.

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Yes the wide-page class does work now. But I can’t say anything about the other two because as before the Contextual Typography plugin does sadly not work. Could it be that there is a third plugin required to have grid layouts with the classes provided in your package?

Thank you very much !

i use Contextual Typography plugin extensively in my personal theme. works well on my side. as for my snippet, only the wide-dataview and wide-table require that plugin because i need to identify the div.

Can u elaborate how the plugin doesn’t work on ur side. if u r referring to my snippet for the grid layout, those doesn’t require the plugin.

Also, per your example, i tested the yaml – it doesn’t properly recognize if u put semi colon cssClass: wide-page;. remove that or use coma ,

Dear @efemkay,

on your page Multi Column - Modular CSS Layout

If I copy the example

- item a
- item b
- item c
- item d

For example, nothing happens to that list. (Yes I do remove the quotes :wink: )

Btw., your wide-page works just fine. Thank you very much once again for creating this css. I didn’t understand why Obsidian wouldn’t use 100% of the available space, especially when you’re working on a laptop.

Best wishes!

Yours sincerly,

owh for that u need another plugin actually, the Markdown Attributes plugin. Also, just to manage expectation, only works in reading view.

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