Obsidian typing ¥ instead of \

Hi! I am trying to use insert the \ symbol when typing in Obsidian but ¥ shows up every time I press the key. This is only happening in obsidian and not in any other programme or browser. It also wasn’t happening before and I can’t figure out what I did that changed it.

I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

Are you using mac, win or Linux ?

In addition to what Jopp asked, what are your OS language settings and keyboard layout?

I’m using a windows laptop.

The language is Eng (UK), and the keyboard layout is Eng (US-Intl)

Does this happen in all apps or only Obsidian?

Sometimes on Japanese Windows \ becomes ¥, but that seems unrelated here(?). If you switch your OS language to Eng-US does anything change?

Not sure if this is related to the IntlYen key parsing in the layout shown below.

"IntlYen" located between the = and Backspace keys. Labelled ¥ (yen) on a Japanese keyboard. \/ on a Russian keyboard. (From UI Events KeyboardEvent code Values)

May you check your locale for Obsidian in the dev tools (calling by ctrl + shift + i), and type these line in the console: moment.locale() & window.navigator.language?

So I’ve figured it out. Apparently, it was the font I was using. Choosing Yu Gothic turned any and all backslashes in notes, even existing, into ¥. So I’ll just keep using ¥ as a \ cuz it does the same thing and changing the font changes it back.

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