Obsidian tries to link to code blocks

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a code block or inline code and place a note title inside it:
Foo Bar

or Foo Bar
2. Go to the file “Foo Bar.md” in the “Unlinked Mentions” it shows the reference to the previous file and you can even try to link to it but since it is inside a code part it will never work.

Expected result

Don’t show words in code blocks inside the unlinked mentions or show them but don’t give the option to link to them since that can break the code. Maybe show “Can’t link to code” or similar.


  • Operating system:
    Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version:

Thanks for the report. IMO, We should show them but not give the ability to link.

I will archive this and only keep this other report: