Obsidian tracker

Hello lovely obsidianers…

I have two questions around Obsidian Tracker by Pyrochlore.

  1. Has anyone else seen a bug like this. I have a perfectly working line graph that displays my sleep graph… it is made liek this…
searchType: dvField
searchTarget: Sleep
datasetName: Sleep
separator: /
fitPanelWidth: true
folder: Calendar/Notes
startDate: 2023-09-01
    title: Hours of Sleep
    yAxisLabel: Sleep
    yAxisUnit: Hours
    lineColor: yellow

It works well. But when I want to change it to track something called “Ticks” in the same files, I change the search target name and it just fails with “No valid Y value found in notes”. I swap it back to sleep and it all works. There is a range of things I can swap it to and it finds them, but just not the one called Ticks. It makes no sense to me. The data is there, but its just one particular tag it wont find for me. My sleep values are all pretty close, numerically speaking… between 5 and 8, where as ticks is from -200 to +100, so wondering if that is a thing? I dunno… quite stumped on this one.

Question 2.
I know Obsidian tracker has been dormant for ages now, so I wanted to install one of the forks of it which is actively fixing and improving, but it doesnt show up in the community plugin list… how can I add a package that is not in the list?

Thanks heaps to all helpers in advance.

There’s a new version of the tracker plugin called Tracker+. It probably does not resolve your issue, but it’s no longer dormant :slight_smile:

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We would need to see an example or two og the data files as well in order to help you with your first question.

Regarding the second question I’ve seen some use a plugin called Brat, which then again allow for some installment of various non-community plugins. Usually these plugins do have an installation guide on their github page.

Hi all. I have solved the weirdness. So figured I should post the solution so that others may need it can find it.

It turns out the nuance, is that the one that was not working, was inside a callout block, and was flush with the left margin. When I added a space between the start of the line, and the first letter of the tag, it all started working.

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