Obsidian to Zotero Link

I’m currently using a Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.1 and am new to Obsidian. I am trying to link a PDF in my notes so that I can open the file if need be upon reviewing my notes. I currently have the file written as [my pdf](zotero:///storage/FLKJK9ZN/my_pdf.pdf), which works to create a link but upon opening Zotero and selecting Skim to open the file, I get the error “failed to download”. What exactly do I need to do to fix this problem?

I’m using Obsidian 0.9.15

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This doesn’t sound like the issue’s in Obsidian. Does that link work in other apps?

Hi I am Zotero and Obsidian user. I use a

simple Zotero translator that creates a markdown link to your Zotero Item when quick copying (drag and dropping) the item into obsidian.

You could find the link here Zotero best practices - #72 by silent

Can you open the pdf from Zotero and the problem arise only when you are using Obsidain?

In my case I don’t link to pdf, but to Zotero bibliographic entry containing that item, for example

[van der Plas. 2020. Entraining neurons via noninvasive electric stimulation improves cognition](zotero://select/items/1_946JX82F)


@aw27 as @echej mentioned, the format of the Zotero link seems to be wrong. As far as I know Zotero only supports select and open-pdf in their URI. I’d also recommend checking out the translator linked above.