Obsidian to Zotero Link

I’m currently using a Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.1 and am new to Obsidian. I am trying to link a PDF in my notes so that I can open the file if need be upon reviewing my notes. I currently have the file written as [my pdf](zotero:///storage/FLKJK9ZN/my_pdf.pdf), which works to create a link but upon opening Zotero and selecting Skim to open the file, I get the error “failed to download”. What exactly do I need to do to fix this problem?

I’m using Obsidian 0.9.15

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This doesn’t sound like the issue’s in Obsidian. Does that link work in other apps?

Hi I am Zotero and Obsidian user. I use a

simple Zotero translator that creates a markdown link to your Zotero Item when quick copying (drag and dropping) the item into obsidian.

You could find the link here Zotero best practices

Can you open the pdf from Zotero and the problem arise only when you are using Obsidain?

In my case I don’t link to pdf, but to Zotero bibliographic entry containing that item, for example

[van der Plas. 2020. Entraining neurons via noninvasive electric stimulation improves cognition](zotero://select/items/1_946JX82F)

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@aw27 as @echej mentioned, the format of the Zotero link seems to be wrong. As far as I know Zotero only supports select and open-pdf in their URI. I’d also recommend checking out the translator linked above.