Obsidian_to_Anki plugin is no longer working for me. Any suggestions?

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I can’t get Obsidian to complete syncing with Anki recently. It scans the vault, but never completes the action. I have an exam this week and am desperate to get this resolved.

Things I have tried within Obsidian

  • creating a new vault

  • reinstalling the plugin

  • disabling all but Obsidian_to_Anki plugin

  • editing the main.js file with the following:

    • changing: while (abstractFile.hasOwnProperty('parent')) { to
    • to: while (abstractFile ! = null && abstractFile.hasOwnProperty('parent')) {
    • and: while (abstractFile && abstractFile.hasOwnProperty('parent') ){

Things I have tried within Anki (problem seems to come from Obsidian, though)

  • updating Anki
  • downgrading Anki
  • disabling all but Anki connect add on
  • it is unclear whether AnkiHub or Anking related update errors are related

It looks like a fork has been updated on github recently, but I’m not sure how to interpret or use this information

It appears ShootingKing-AM has made a release recently!

It means that another dev has picked up the project and you can expect active development from them. I recommend trying ShootingKing’s release

That’s great! Thank you. I tried downloading it and replacing the plugin files within .obsidian, however it still doesn’t want to work. It gets further, but doesn’t actually add any cards/notes to Anki. It does create new decks, but not cards, notes, or tags.

Is that the correct way to make the update?

I tried the solution Zealousideal-Low2343 suggests below on Reddit, and it worked for me. I guess this is just one of multiple work arounds,

I could not find the Obsidian version file path on my WIN10 machine as suggested by other solutions here.

An I did not try using a forked version of Obsidian_to_Anki.

Sorry, the solution I used was something the OP said they tried. But I guess hacking through lines of code is fraught with fat fingered danger.

That solution semi-works for me. It makes some cards, but ultimately hits an error. I’ve tried just about everything, including downgrading obsidian, without any luck. I’ll keep an eye on the forks and issues portion of github for that plugin to see if anyone finds a durable solution. If you have anything you think will help please let me know. Thanks!

Use crtl+shift+I to check console, see what error code turns up, or what file it stuck on.

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