Obsidian to Anki custom regex puts everything into 1 field despite multiple groups

Things I have tried

Making a note with the same notetype but with the usual format (fieldname: contents) - Works
Enabling auto file link in a certain field - Works

What I’m trying to do

I dislike the format required to convert obsidian notes into anki. I want to make it so the notes are in a pleasant format while being able to import them into Anki as flashcards.
I have tried the following regex regex101: build, test, and debug regex which seems to work on the website, but the plugin just puts everything into one field.

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I’m 100% sure since I’m still busy figuring out things myself, but I think, that you can’t mix the START, END syntax with custom regex.
As far as I understand, as soon as you use the START, END syntax your regex won’t be used. Your regex will be used for for the parts of your markdown file that are not enclosed by START and END.

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