Obsidian Tasks - unique ID's of tasks

What I’m trying to do

I am working on a table view of my tasks, which I export to CSV for it to be imported into Excel.

I will do this on a regular basis, and need to check whether tasks were added previously or whether the task is new to the list. I would prefer to check using a unique ID of the task, if there would be one available.

This unique ID allows to check (even if e.g. tasks is modified on title or assigned to…

Things I have tried

I can’t seem to find a property in Obsidian Tasks, nor in Dataview. If not possible, I will revert back to ‘guessed’ uniques by combining various fields as such, or use an elaborate ‘creation date’ field.

I don’t think an unique ID exists by default for tasks as they’re just text spread out across your vault. If you want them to have that, I would consider using a plugin like Templater or QuickAdd to add your tasks with a unique ID generated as part of the task. This could in the end look like:

- [ ] [id: aac6d7] My task of something

This id can be hidden in live preview and reading (and possibly also in source mode unless on the active line) with some CSS styling.

Another option as you need to use intermediate tools anyways, could be to store previous CSV files, and then use something like diff (or git) tools to check changes. But it would still involve manual labour, but it could possibly help you detect when the text of any given tasks changes slightly, as that would look different to tasks being added or deleted.

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