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Do you mean like the tooltip in short mode? Should be possible. But where would you show that?

Yes, exactly! I wonder if that could be added next to the date in the task itself?

I can appreciate that the view might become a little cluttered so perhaps it might be useful to include separators between the various details of the task.
Toggles in the plugin settings could be used to enable/disable different views to the user’s liking.

I’ve attached an image to demonstrate how this might look in practice below:

Another suggestion would be the option to view dates in the reverse order (DD-MM-YYYY). That would be great for those of us in the EU/UK.


I guess a toggle in the settings to change this could work. Can you please add the idea to the GitHub discussions? That would help me a lot: Discussions · schemar/obsidian-tasks · GitHub

Regarding the date format, could you please comment on this (closed) PR? That would also help me a lot: support custom date format by shabegom · Pull Request #296 · schemar/obsidian-tasks · GitHub

Thank you for your input!

I’m stuck on v1.3.0 and can’t update. Clicking “Update” does nothing. I’ve tried to uninstall Tasks, check that its files are deleted from the .obsidian-directory and restarted my computer. Then installed again but v1.3.0 gets installed, not 1.4.1.

Would you know how to troubleshoot this or should I rather check with the Obsidian-devs?


Interesting. Another person had the same issue. For them it resolved „magically“: Can't upgrade to or install version 1.4.1 · Issue #389 · schemar/obsidian-tasks · GitHub

I can’t do anything from my end. I am not able to reproduce the behavior. Please keep me in the loop if you reach out to anyone else. Maybe I need to change/fix something on my end that I am not aware of.


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Thanks. I’ve reported it as a bug here: Can't update plugin

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HI @schemar - I didn’t see in the instructions or in this thread so forgive me if I’m just overlooking it. But how do I ‘see’ all my tasks in a single location. Do I need to manually create a new note titled ‘Tasks’ and they’ll magically show up? :slight_smile:

The simplest way is a simple query block as shown at Queries - Obsidian Tasks. But you can also filter the query as shown in the links on that page.


Brilliant!!! Thank you. I knew I was just overlooking it somewhere. :slight_smile:

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I have been using obsidian in a pretty crude way for the pas 6 months to manage my life and now I am stepping it up and automating as much as possible, and I have to say, this plugin is a life saver !

I am a bit puzzled with the behavior of filters regarding due date, I don’t find a way to exclude tasks with no due dates from my queries.

I am building a dashboard note were I use queries to summarize relevant tasks for the day and I want to have a section were tasks starting today are shown, but when I do this all tasks with no start date are shown.

I am currently using tags in the description to separate those tasks, but it would really be nice to have the possibility to exclude tasks with no start dates from queries (and maybe the same for due dates and scheduled dates)

Anyway, thank you for the incredible work !

Thank you for the feedback @henmir! You can also check the discussions on GitHub and add ideas there.

From your specific use-case, it sounds a bit like you are mixing up “start” and “scheduled” dates. Did you read the documentation on dates? “Start” dates are used to denote a task as “blocked until”. So if a task isn’t “blocked” (has not start date), it shows up when you filter by start date.

On the other hand, you can “schedule” a task on a date where it should be relevant.
In your dashboard, you can, for example, filter by scheduled before tomorrow to get all dates that are scheduled today or earlier.

Hope this helps! The official documentation may also help!

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I wanted to use tasks without start dates as placeholder for things I now I have/want to do someday but I have no idea yet as when I’ll will actually count it as “started”.

I have indeed read all the documentation and adding #not_started is the only way I have to do what I want for the moment (So that’s not really a big issue haha)

What bothered me a bit is that any tasks without start day is shown when I put “starts today” in the filter. Which is a bit weird for me as if a tasks has no start date it doesn’t mean it starts today.

I think it would be nice to have the possibility to filter out tasks with no start date from queries. I’ll put the suggestion on the github !

Thanks for the answer !

Hey there! I don’t know if this is too lazy - but I am just wondering if there is a way to “outcomment” lines in the tasks query so that they are inactive. Anybody who could help me with that? :smile:

Hello! I love Tasks, but I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have all tasks saved to same note rather than the currently active note?

You can create the task in any note you want. Just go to that note and make the Task.

You can use Tasks queries to gather a list of all tasks in one note. So if you do have tasks scattered across different notes, you can create a single task list. Or even several lists. I have lists for due today, tomorrow, and next week, and for some projects, I have lists of every task for that project.

You can use the „quick add“ plugin to create a task in a specific file. See also the documentation here: Quickadd - Obsidian Tasks

Version 1.5.0 was just released! It includes comments in queries. The also the documentation here: Comments - Obsidian Tasks

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Oh thank you! I looked in the Quickadd documentation for this, but it never occurred to me to check the Tasks docs as well.

Is there a way to display tasks in the right-side panel based on the due date or the location for example? I could have sworn I had it listed another way other than just a list of all tasks.

Create a note that has a query for all tasks due today. Open the note and drag to right pane.

There’s also the new “happens” filter, so you can query for any task that is due or scheduled on a date.

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