Obsidian Tables Repeating Rows

What is Happening?

I have a large table of maybe 1100 rows in a note and as I’m working on it, it periodically repeats many of the lines which I then have to copy somewhere else to clean the data and bring it back into Obsidian

Does anyone know what is causing that behaviour?


The table itself is only 5 columns, but 1100 rows. Is there a better solution than a markdown table. I know I could use an HTML table but I really don’t want to have to start coding every ine and the sort functionality is quite useful.

Dataview sseems like it would be overkill for this one table?

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I just experienced the same thing and saw it happen while typing in another window - so Obsidian didn’t even have focus and it couldn’t have been anything I typed. I’ve never seen this happen before.

My table is much smaller than @Lorcav’s - just a few dozen rows.

Running version 1.5.8.

This is also happening to me, any solution found?

I have run into this issue as well.

This happens to me as well. I’ll add a bit of detail. My table is 5 columns as well, with I’d estimate 200-300 rows. I’ve had rows delete (going down to just a handful), and rows multiply (easier to access word count, it went from 4800 words to 15.5k). I had it happen a couple times and was unsure of the cause, however, I noted that the last time it occurred was when I added a row. (this brought it from 4800 words to 15.5k).

I’m having this issue also - have had to open the .md file separately and delete the extra content multiple times, extremely frustrating.