Obsidian syncing between iPhone and Mac very slow

Syncing on obsidian between my iPhone and Mac is very slow. Using a workaround to see when an edit has finished syncing, I can see that it can take a few seconds or more to sync even small edits to text files.

In total, my vault is around 14mb, made up of around 1400 files.
I also have these plugins installed:

Is there any way to speed up the syncing speed? Thanks!

Mine has felt slower than usual recently. I’ve been wondering if it’s my network, or the recent app update, or the servers being busier than usual, or just in my head. I suppose I should try the universal solution of restarting my phone.

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I did a little testing (after restarting my phone) and found sometimes a ~10 second lag between when the Sync icon activates and when any activity happens in the log. Other times it synced near instantly. The lag might happen more often when a longer note has been changed and/or when the same note changes multiple times in a row, but maybe not — I didn’t test enough to say for sure.

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Hmm interesting… I wonder what’s causing it.