Obsidian Sync - Sync hidden files as well

Use case or problem

Obsidian sync is ignoring all hidden files and directories currently. Some plugins and tools use hidden files (starting with a dot) to store their settings, which excludes them from Obsidian sync.

Some plugins allow to change the settings file to a different one, but I still think it makes sense to allow syncing of hidden files, and have those still be hidden in the main obsidian window. There is no need to have settings file be visible and editable from withing Obsidian.

Allowing syncing of hidden files means the Obsidian vault across multiple machines is actually identical, instead of somewhat identical minus hidden files.

Proposed solution

Allow syncing of hidden files similar to how “all file types” sync is an option in the sync settings. It could be optional, or even manually specifying which files should be synced.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Copy the hidden file to a non-hidden one (replace . with _), copy back on the other machine after syncing is done
  • Use other software to sync hidden files only, or use other software to automatically do the copying roundtrip I described above

Wanted to bump this to see if there is interest

This would be helpful for me. I have a plugin I’m working on that currently stores all data in the main plugin data.json file, but that file could get really big, and end up taking a lot of memory. It would be nice to be able to split up that data per file, and load it as needed, keeping the memory usage lower, and the time it takes to load smaller.