Obsidian Sync subscription on an iCloud Folder

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I would like to ask whether there is any potential issue if I use the official Obsidian Sync (paid subscription) on a vault folder that I will be keeping in iCloud. I am currently using iCloud to sync Obsidian throughout the devices (Mac and iPad) in Apple eco-system, and I also would like to use Obsidian on my work PC (Windows) and mobile phone (Android). I wonder if there will be any clash among the systems.

Note: I know it’s overkill to do this. But I still like to keep my vault inside some cloud drive and other usual options (Google Drive, One Drive, etc.) don’t accommodate Obsidian at the moment. I also don’t think GIT is for me.

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In the help docs:

Though we recommend that you regularly back up your vault, be aware that using a third-party service together with Obsidian Sync may result in data corruption or data loss.

If you have Obsidian Sync, I would take my vault(s) out of iCloud and use Obsidian Sync for everything. An automated backup on your main Mac of the vaults (TimeMachine, BackBlaze, etc) will work fine.


It seems like you’re using cloud services as a backup option. Note that this is not a good idea in general:

Using two realtime syncing solutions at the same time may cause race conditions in which both services compete to sync one another’s changes, causing conflicts. Best practice is to use one at a time.

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