Obsidian Sync - server command definitions

I do not quite understand the synchronization log.

These commands seem to be quite intuitive:

  • Waiting to connect to server
  • Connecting to server
  • Resumed
  • Downloading
  • Deleting
  • Upload complete
  • Uploading file
  • Fully synced

What do these commands mean?

  • Server pushed
  • Rejected server change
  • Accepted
  • undefined

I think there are other commands that aren’t quite clear.

It would be nice if the help contained all possible options.
I’m constantly watching the log and want to be clear about what’s going on.

Thank you so much!

  • Server pushed: The server has notified us that a file has been changed remotely (from another device)
  • Rejected server change: The file has also changed locally since the last time it was uploaded to the server (or it was never uploaded), therefore we will ignore the change coming from the server. Eventually we will upload the local copy instead.
  • Accepted: We acknowledged the “server push” and move on to the next thing.
  • undefined: not sure where this one comes from, can you post a screenshot?

As for other stuff, the log is mainly there to help us debug when something goes wrong; we try to take a balance between descriptive enough so that users can most of the time understand what it means, but it does describe some of the intricacies of the internals of the sync algorithm that we don’t really expect users to know about or try to understand.

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Ah that’s been a bug that we’ve since fixed - it should have printed the reason why the websocket connection was disconnected (it usually just say something about abnormal disconnection).

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