Obsidian Sync: Send an email when remote vault is first accessed by a new device

Based on discussion on implementing MFA, the idea was brought up to send an email when vault was accessed. I think this would be a valuable security feature for Sync users to inform them their vault has been accessed in the case their encryption password has been compromised.

I think the following data may be good to capture:

  • Date and time vault was accessed
  • Location of user accessing vault
  • User client used to access vault
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By “access” I’m guessing you mean when a new local vault is connected to a remote vault?

By “user client” I’m guessing you mean operating system? The only client for Sync is Obsidian.

Based on context from the link this request seems to be specifically for Sync, so I’m changing the title to reflect that. (Was “Send an email when vault is accessed”.)


I like the email idea. In addition, it may be nice to have a log accessible from all installs showing when Obsidian was open and connected to which vault and from which device. Perhaps this is already possible. I believe that every change saved is stored for the 30 days. However, I don’t think this information is included. If I can find out a way to do this or an existing request, I will return and edit, or perhaps link to a newly created request.


Yeah, for user client I meant device / operating system.


The Sync log and Sync file version history include device names. That doesn’t help if the interloper changes no files, but it’s something.

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Do you mean an email when the remote vault is first connected to a device?

Because sending an email every time the remote vault is accessed will flood your email.

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Yes, a single email when a vault is first connected to a new device makes sense.

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