Obsidian Sync question

Hi, this might be a really dumb question, but I am struggling with Obsidian sync. I originally set up my vault using a folder in iCloud and now want to switch to a local folder that uses Obsidian Sync. Which I can do on my Mac, but then when I go into my iPad how to I connect to that folder? When I try to do it now I still only see the iCloud folder in my list of vaults.

Do I need to have a local folder on all of my devices and then Obsidian keeps them synced? Or should I be seeing the name of the vault on my Mac on all devices? If it’s the multiple local folder option then would it be best to use local storage on my iPad and phone, separate iCloud vaults or the same iCloud vault on both?


What I’m trying to do

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  1. Create empty folder. Don’t tick the iCloud option;
  2. Enter vault;
  3. Enable Sync plugin;
  4. Log in in Sync plugin options;
  5. Connect to the remote vault you created on Mac.
  6. Success!

Thanks, will give that a try.

Got it working, thanks for your help.

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