Obsidian sync - pdf is not syncing from windows laptop to iPad

What I’m trying to do

I’m using Obsidian Sync for synchronization between my windows laptop from work and my iPad. Everything works besides 2 things.

  1. the syncing of the pdfs which have been added on the laptop. They are not showing up on the iPad. While pdfs added on tue iPad show up on the laptop
  2. movies added on the iPad and later removed on the laptop. They still show up on the iPad.

Things I have tried

I checked if it he sync toggle for pdf, movies and all other types are on, both on laptop and iPad.

I checked that the vaults are stored locally on both devices

Checked the sync history, it always says that the pdf had been accepted.

I logged out from all devices, removed the sync vaults, set them up again, moved the vault location, tried the sync with other kind of files. Every note I change is synced immediately.

When I sync the vault for the very first time, one pdf was sync to the iPad, but after not anymore

I think I’ve seen mention of this sort of one#directional problem before but I don’t remember it well enough to help, even with search terms. You can try searching the forum, or you can email [email protected] where someone can probably help you out.