Obsidian Sync: Pasted content via share is deleted if the page was not synced

On Obsidian Sync for Android, I’m experiencing this issue:

  1. The Obsidian app is not yet launched.
  2. I share some content to Obsidian from another app.
  3. The Obsidian app opens, asking me where to copy the content.
  4. For example, I select the daily note, and the content is pasted into the daily note.
  5. Synchronization is still occurring.
  6. When the synchronization is complete, if the daily note was created on another device, the pasted content disappears and is replaced by it.
  7. I need to share the content again to have it pasted into my daily note.

Would it be possible to wait until the synchronization is complete before pasting the content, so that it behaves as expected?