Obsidian Sync - one remote (sync) vault for all local vaults?

Very happy about Obsidian Sync, but confused about how to set it up. I have Work and Personal Vaults on my work and home PCs, but when I set up a single Remote Vault for syncing, all my work and personal files seemed to get synced in both local Vaults – mixing my work and personal files in both my Work and Personal Vaults.

My goal is to sync the work files with the Work Vault and the personal files with the Personal Vault. Is that doable? I started to set up a second remote sync vault with an eye toward syncing one remote vault with Personal and another with Work, but that didn’t seem to be the right approach.


I created 2 separate sync vaults work and home, one for each vault I want to sync

For each vault you want to sync, you should create a remote vault for it. After that, on another device, simply create an empty vault and connect it to the same remote vault.

Does that help?


Yes, thanks. I messed up and copied the same vault’s contents onto both machines I want to sync, so it’s not as clean a solution. Do you recommend deleting the contents of one of the synced vaults, cleaning up the remaining one and letting them sync anew?

Hi! But is it possible to link multiple local vaults to the same remote vault? I ask this because the limit of remote vaults is just 5, I think.
Anyway, the use of remote vaults is a bit confusing… I suggest to simplify it.