Obsidian Sync on macOS seems to revert recent input

Obsidian on macOS Big Sur with Obsidian Sync enabled, occasionally after I typed some new text, the text would be removed/undo shortly after. It seems to be coincided with Obsidian Sync icon status change.

I’ve tried to reset Sync (disable plugin, remove sync.json file and reenable in the app) with no luck, any help would be appreciated!

App version

  • macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
  • Obsidian v0.11.9

Do you have any other Macs participating in sync on the same remote vault? I recently had a similar situation in which I lost work, and the only other device with Obsidian running was another Mac with no users and no activity at the time of the overwrite.

Yes, I do have Obsidian Sync enabled on both a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini.

Another thing might be worth mentioning, the vault folder is also linked to a GitHub repo, and there’s bash script set to auto sync every hour.

we made a change in Sync and Merge algo recently. If you still have this problem after you get 0.11.11, open a bug report and attach the sync logs.

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Awesome, will test once get 0.11.11. Thanks!

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