Obsidian Sync (official) and iCloud

New user here with a pretty basic (I think) question - I read the help page on sync and backup services but I’m still not clear on whther I’m creating a problem for myself, but here are the moving parts:

  • I have paid for Obsidian Sync and turned it on - my Vault (of a few notes) is syncing
  • The Vault was created on my Macbook and lives in my Documents folder.
  • I can open that Vault on iPhone via the Sync service
  • I want to enable iCloud Drive on this Macbook (it’s a new work machine and I’ve not switched that feature on yet) so that I have access to things easily from my other personal Macbook which I’ll use at home

Is this likely to cause a problem?

If it is, what’s the best way to move this vault to a non-icloud-drive folder?

Thanks for any noob-pointers here

To move a vault: in the desktop Obsidian vault switcher, find the vault in the list and hit the three vertical dots and “Move vault…” I’d move it out of ~/Documents and into another directory in your home folder, e.g., ~/ObsidianVaults/. This will keep all settings (including Obsidian Sync) intact. Obsidian Synced vaults can really be anywhere in your home directory as long as they are not in iCloud drive.

On your mac, when you enable iCloud drive, make sure “Desktop and Documents sync” is off (unless you want that) and “Optimize Mac Storage” is unchecked. Please do this :slight_smile: You should be good to go.

You can also use iCloud drive for Obsidian vaults, just not the same ones you are using Obsidian Sync with. (I have a few vaults syncing with iCloud and a few syncing with Obsidian Sync)

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thanks @ariehen - I’ll move it as you suggest.

I actually initially had a test vault syncing using iCloud (on my personal laptop and phone) but in one of my “oh my how many tabs do I have open now?” Obsidian research sessions I decided that Obsidian Sync was a batter way to go - I can’t now remember why I concluded that (so many tabs…)

Thanks again

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