Obsidian sync not working on Andriod

Things I have tried

After setting up mobile sync successfully (tested and it was working well) it stopped syncing.

What I’m trying to do

I need to know how to trouble shoot this issue? Did any andriod user face and resolve this issue? Is Obsidian Sync an unstable feature yet?

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How long did you use it before it stopped?

What do you see in the sync log at Settings > Sync > Sync activity (press the View button)? (You can also view it by swiping out the right sidebar and tapping the Sync icon.) Any error messages?


Thanks for the reply. I went to the sync settings and to my surprise the sync plugin was inactive! So I activated it “again” and it is syncing back.

I’m now wondering how and why it turned off on it’s own? Or maybe I’m getting too old?!

I also noticed that it can sync only one vault at a time. It wouldn’t let me sync two vaults concurrently. So I need to wait till it finishes sync for one vault, disconnect, connect the other vault and so on.

If someone out there can help me bypass this manual process please let me know.

You shouldn’t have to disconnect and reconnect vaults. Do you just mean you have to open a vault for it to sync? You can only have 1 vault open at a time on mobile, and I expect only the open vault will sync.

I’m facing the same issue. My tablet and phone (Both android devices) have stopped syncing.
My desktop vault has 615 files, where as my phone and table both only have 590.
Seems to have stopped ~1.5 days ago.
No changes to plugins, or vault (other than new files) during that time and the devices exist on the same network.

If your Sync plugin is turned on then it’s a different problem and you should start a new thread.

But before you do, check the Sync log on both devices (see above for how) and note any errors.

Ever since i reactivated the sync plugin it has been syncing well. Till i face the problem again i think its better to close this thread because i cant find the root cause of the issue.

OK. You can mark your last reply as the “Solution” (the button may be hidden behind the 3 dots next to the Reply button).

The issue was an asterisk ‘*’ in the title of a few files which caused sync to get stuck in a loop of trying to sync those files and getting FILE_NOTCREATED errors. The loop prevented the rest of the files from syncing. Once I removed the asterisk from the file names and those files were able to sync correctly, the loop condition was fixed and the rest of the vault was able to sync correctly.

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