Obsidian Sync not syncing between Mac and iOS

Things I have tried

I am a new by with Obsidian and probably missing something simple. I have created a vault and enabled Obsidian synch. I am using Obsidian to keep reading notes so have made my notes using the iPad app. So far nothing I have entered on the iPad synchs to the Mac. I have signed into Obsidian on both devices and both indicate they are using my vault. I have gone through the Obsidian help file and don’t find any suggestions. It would seem I have failed to initialize something but I’m not sure what.
Any suggestions appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

Be sure to have Sync enabled on both devices. Moreover, there are multiple toggles in the Sync settings menu. Be certain that you have toggled on what you are expecting to sync between devices.

I changed the post title to reflect your actual question. If you’d like it changed again, just let me know. (Original title: “Guidelines for getting started with Obsidian”)

It is synching now. Not sure I had all toggles and both local vaults as well as remote vault selected.

My problem is now somehow the Obsidian Help file has been incorporated into my vault. Need to figure out what I did to get it there and how to get rid of it - or is that normal?

The new folders seem to be mixed in with the help file folders

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