Obsidian Sync Merging Files Between Devices, Deleting Data

What I’m trying to do

Hey, so I use Obsidian Sync to keep my vault up to date between my Windows 11 desktop, my Windows 11 laptop, and my Ipad. To date it had been working perfectly. But over this last weekend, I noticed that everytime I make some sort of change with a plugin like “Initiative Tracker” or most noticeably “Obsidian Leaflet” I’m losing data.

I checked the sync log and each time I open the program, it finds conflicts between the latest version of the JSON file for the plugins and then “merges them” deleting all of the new data and replacing it with an older version from before any changes were made.

Please help I have no idea what to do.

Things I have tried

I don’t use Onedrive or Icloud. The Ipad isn’t connected to Icloud at all and I have uninstalled Onedrive from both the laptop and the desktop. I’m using no third party sync or backup service, just obsidian sync.

I’ve tried going into the settings version history and restoring the JSON files from before the merge, but the next time I open the program Obsidian just recognizes a conflict and deletes the new data all over again. I can’t keep restoring the settings each time I want to add a marker to a leaflet map!

I’m not sure what else to do now.

Is it only the JSON files that get conflicted?

Can you share your “Show Debug Info”? Let’s look at the other plugins you have installed and see if something might be conflicting.

Particularly looking for any plugins or tools that might be automatically editing your files.

Thank you for your response!

Yes it’s only the JSON files getting conflicted. It seems to be primarily Fantasy Statblocks, Initiative Tracker, and Obsidian Leaflet that are repeatedly conflicting and merging.

Here is the debug info from the console:
Obsidian version: v1.3.7
Installer version: v1.3.7
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 10.0.22621
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: none
Insider build toggle: off
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: ITS Theme v1.0.87
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: off
Plugins installed: 23
Plugins enabled: 20
1: Excalidraw v1.9.17
2: Dataview v0.5.56
3: Advanced Tables v0.19.1
4: Kanban v1.5.3
5: Outliner v4.8.0
6: Admonition v10.0.1
7: Style Settings v1.0.6
8: Icon Folder v2.1.2
9: DB Folder v3.4.0
10: Various Complements v8.4.1
11: Obsidian Leaflet v5.7.2
12: Initiative Tracker v12.1.0
13: Settings Search v1.3.8
14: Fantasy Statblocks v3.9.0
15: Dice Roller v9.3.0
16: Fantasy Calendar v3.0.0
17: Folder Note v0.7.3
18: Default New Tab Page v0.11.0
19: Vault Statistics v0.1.3
20: Second Window v1.0.8

I’ve just gone through and tried clearing out some unused plugins and it hasn’t yet helped

I’ve attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Obsidian on all three devices, and the issue persists.

If you have an issue with a plugin, removing unused plugins, and reinstalling Obsidian won’t do anything.

(There is a chance it isn’t a plugin. Just saying. The two things you mentioned trying won’t really do anything.)

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