Obsidian Sync, lots of message notifications, almost every 5 seconds

I’ve been using Obsidian Sync for 24h, and I’m very distracted by the numerous notifications like

  • Committed 1 file
  • Pushed 1 file to remote
  • and even No change to push, 0 file to commit.

This happens every 5 seconds and sometimes even more often.

It seriously annoys me!

Here’s an example screencast: https://youtube.com/shorts/QnmPfTJqb0E


  • Is this amount of notification normal?
  • Can I reduce them?
  • Can I delete these notifications?

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These notifications aren’t coming from Obsidian Sync. Perhaps a git plugin?

Please follow the bug report template when submitting bug reports. Thanks.

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Indeed, I’ve just discovered that obsidian-git sends notifications even when the plugin is disabled.

I deleted the plugin and the notifications are gone :slightly_smiling_face:.

As a test, I reinstalled the obsidian-git plugin while leaving it disabled, and I don’t see any notifications emitted. I don’t understand why disabling the plugin didn’t seem to work :man_shrugging:t2:.

Sorry for the inconvenience :slightly_frowning_face:.

Plugins don’t always fully unload when you disable them, so you may have needed to restart the app after disabling it. (in Obsidian 1.5.11 this problem was fixed for when you enable Restricted Mode, but it might still be an issue when disabling plugins individually.)

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