Obsidian Sync + Logseq files?

I got fed up with the data loss in Logseq and lack of clarity regarding fixes, so am looking for alternatives. I hear good things about Obsidian and see people commenting that they just use it in parallel to Logseq, on the same backend .md files.

My question is, how does Obsidian Sync fit here? Does it deal well with files modified outside of Obsidian? Does anyone have first hand experience?

(I assume that Obsidian Sync is reliable - right? And therefore it’d be the one doing the syncing, not Logseq!)

No answers, so I’ll fill the gap myself with my own learnings, in case someone has the same question later.

Whenever people talk about using both apps in parallel, both in Obsidian and in Logseq’s forums, it seems to always be followed by caveats on how each app fails to understand something in the other’s format. You have to disable plugins, or stop using some functionality. So yes, you can use both in parallel, as long as both are carefully crippled.

Some people seem to keep a list of things that would have to be converted manually “in case of” changing from one to the other.

So at the end of the day, the idea of markdown files being some kind of guarantee for cross-compatibility is wishful thinking. Worse, because with that illusion of interoperatibility probably there will be no actual translator between the two markdown subformats. You end up locked into a format all the same.

Yes, if all you have is a plain text editor, then it’s better to have markdown files than some random database file. But even then, a database->markdown files converter would nullify the advantage.

In summary: no, looks like it’s not exactly easy to use simultaneously Obsidian with Logseq.

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