Obsidian Sync for notes, iCloud for attachments?

I’d like to start adding large audio files to my vault, which currently uses Obsidian Sync. I realize the maximum vault size was recently increased from 4GB to 10GB, but I think I’ll hit that limit within a year or two and then be stuck.

I think the ideal solution would be to use Obsidian Sync for my notes, and iCloud sync only for my Attachments folder. This would work nicely together with the recent feature that dynamically displays attachments after they’ve downloaded.

I primarily use iPadOS and iOS, and occasionally macOS.

Is it possible to configure this setup, perhaps with a plugin?


Similarly, I want to keep all of my projects in Obsidian but will have to pull out larger files / collections of files to avoid hitting Sync’s limits. For now I’m planning to just use external links or something (I haven’t imported most of my old projects yet).

I can understand why Sync might not want to become a general storage service, but it would be nice if I could designate an external companion folder.

If iCloud allows individual folders to be synced, you could try a nesting solution. Not totally sure it will work given iCloud seems to have its own mind about how and when it works, but worth a try and nothing to lose.

Top Vault contains Attachment Folder and Notes Vault.
Attachment folder synced in iCloud. Notes Vault synced through Obsidian Sync. You’d need to manually copy and set up the top vault on your mobile devices, but after that it should need no attention since all the action is in the folders below.

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I am not sure if iCloud is different than Dropbox but could you just store your vault in iCloud and then exclude the folder hosting the audio files?

iCloud doesn’t give you much flexibility, but it might not matter for this. I think as long as the lower vault has “.nosync” at the end of its name, iCloud will ignore it (that might be outdated info).

I think the problem is that Obsidian Sync won’t sync the lower vault. The configuration that enables it is in a vault that is not currently open (Obsidian Mobile can’t open multiple vaults simultaneously). This is if I’m understanding right that I would be interacting with the upper vault (so I can access the attachments folder and the lower vault together).

I’ll try it with a test vault anyway in case I’ve misunderstood or am wrong about how Obsidian works. Good thinking, either way!

Oh, i just thought of another problem: Obsidian movbile vaults currently have to reside in Obsidian’s dedicated folder. I think that can either be on the device or in iCloud, but I’m not sure if you can use Sync if it’s in iCloud. Anyway, I’ll try it when I have some time.

Ah. I’d forgotten those restrictions. With them, I don’t think it can work.

You need Obsidian Sync to work only on the Notes vault.
And you need iCloud to work only the Attachments vault.
Whereas you directly would work only in the top Vault.

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