Obsidian Sync for an existing vault

Things I have tried

  • I’ve started with an existing vault
  • Turned on sync / created a new sync vault / connected
  • The result was the creation of a new sub-folder with the same name as the vault, within the original vault after syncing with a remote machine

What I’m trying to do

  • I just want to take an existing vault and sync it up, then down onto other devices
  • The correct procedure is not clear (I have searched the forums, etc -and of course maybe I missed it, but I don’t think so).

Any help appreciated.

Have you followed the official setup docs? See Set up Obsidian Sync

Hi. Yes. Those docs describe how to sync once you have a vault. I did this and my 2nd machine received the vault. The 1st machine then duped the vault into a sub-directory.

I was wondering if I did something wrong in the initial setup. The docs don’t really describe what to do with an existing vault (i.e.; add existing vault to sync). Certainly feeling dumb :).


this should not happen.
Is it possible that you instead of selecting the vault selected the folder containing the vault?

I guess anything is possible. The machine that was sync’d second is now OK, but the original machine is screwey (missing misc files, etc). I’ll just start over and assume it will be fine.

I wasn’t sure if there was some nuance to how to sync/select the 1st vault that I’d missed.


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