Obsidian Sync for a large (>4GB) vault


I am very keen to begin using Obsidian Mobile. My vault is currently in OneDrive, which I realise will need to change. I would preferably like to use Obsidian Sync, but as I use my vault to access all types of media (not just my plain text notes), it currently exceeds the 4GB storage limit. Removing all non-plain text files is not really an option, as my plain text notes are peppered with links to many of the other items. I’d be grateful for any advice, suggestions, or possible solutions to this.

I suspect I may have to go down the iCloud route to make this work. Should I be worried about entrusting my huge vault to iCloud – I’ve read a handful of horror stories about data loss?

Thanks in advance.


The size is 10GB not 4GB.


Ah, excellent. Thank you!

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