Obsidian sync folder disconnects from sync every now and then - highly frustrating

As a paid up Catalyst member & Sync user I do find it hugely frustrating that the desktop sync setting (“Pick Remote Vault”) is wiped clean randomly - either on restart or on a software update.

Please can you make this a permanently stored setting so that my mobile and desktop don’t get out of sync. It’s gruelling having to re-enter it all the time.

To be frank - when paying $10 per month for Sync I really am expecting that my devices will stay in sync, rather than get out of sync randomly and without warning !

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Hi. You didn’t follow the template so I don’t know what OS are you on.
Obsidian does remember the sync settings.
Unless you or something else is manually clearing the obsidian’s internal configuration or you have some weird third party plugin problem, the only normal reason in which obsidian resets the sync configuration is when you move your vault (you change the path to your vault).

Is it possible that you changed the path to your vault? Perhaps you keep the vault in an external device and the path changes every time you plug the drive?

@WhiteNoise - thanks for getting back to me - and apologies as I didn’t see a template. I’m on MacOS Monterey 12.0.1. Unfortunately I can’t set any steps to replicate as it happens intermittently / randomly. It’s always my desktop that switches off sync - not my mobile.

The path has always stayed the same, but thinking about it - my vault is stored on Google Drive… I have been searching the forum and spotted a few issues with Drive stored vaults. Could that be a factor at all?

Yes it can be a factor. You should not mix sync systems.

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