Obsidian Sync+External GDrive (for Images) = Perfect Solution? (Plugin to Solve Vault Size Issues)

Obsidian Sync is perfect for syncing text markdown files…
…but but its not the best for images or large vault… overtime the size of the vault will get bloated if you use a lot of images - you run the risk of bloating the size of your vault - eventually making it unusable (not to mention maxing out the the 50GB of obsidian sync cap)

The perfect solution would be to use an external Google Drive Synced folder to store images instead of storing in a vault.

A plugin can be created (very similar to the existing imgur plugin that already has 24k downloads) but for Google Drive instead.

Why Google Drive instead of existing Imgur plugin?
Because you own the data (goes along with the obsidian theme of future proofing your notes)
I can see a world 5 years from now where you have thousands of images on imgur linked into your obsidian vault - and then imgur decides to start charging a $$$ or gets acquired.

I recorded a loom video explaining how to create an Obsidian Plugin that will store pasted images into external google drive folder and then create an embed link into obsidian note.

Here’s the loom explaining the process:

If someone has plugin developer experience, would be great to connect!

Currently in the process of looking to hire or work with a developer to get this plugin created so everyone can benefit.


I love this idea. You can ignore if this isn’t what you are suggesting, but I’ve been thinking about a similar thing for quite a while now.

I wonder if it would be much more work to make it customizable, such that the images could go to google and/or dropbox and/or local server or NAS…

Here’s what I do and it’s a pain.
I embed a picture or two, and they are auto-renamed to the file’s name (with 1, 2, etc added for multiple photos).
Then I use a template that auto inserts two links: one to the photo on my NAS for local access on other devices, and one on my server for access via my webpage. Could definitely use a 3rd link to Google Photos or gdrive within a hidden comment.

Then I have to go into file explorer, find my photos, and move them to both locations (or copy them if I want to keep them in the vault as well).

Very tedious indeed. And I use pictures/photos/screenshots all the time. At least a dozen every day.

Nice idea! Why not put all the attachments into a unique folder inside the vault and put it as an exception in obsidian sync (selective sync)

Then using google drive you could sync the folder. I know using synology drive I can map any folder on my computer.

That way the files locally stays in the vault so all the link work, would not get sync by obsidian but google or any other service if you choice

It’s a good idea! How about referring to GitHub - alangrainger/obsidian-google-photos: Connect to Google Photos from Obsidian? It’s a bit different from what you mentioned. But, I think it’s quite similar compared to others!

In their setup instructions, there is a method for obtaining images from Google Photos. However, the image links obtained from Google Photos are only accessible to the user who is logged in.

I think the method used by this plugin could be applicable for implementing image uploads from Obsidian to Google Drive.

Hello! I implemented this without a plugin, the gist is this: my notes, which I store on a local drive, are synchronized with google drive. For Google Drive, a google script works, which looks through my notes and if it finds a picture in them, it creates a link to it.
As a result, all my notes with pictures, as well as, for example, pdf files contain links to Google Drive.
In addition, this method (using a google script) allows you to carry out other automations for which there are no plugins. If you need details, write.

With your method, will pictures be displayed in a note? With local files, I am able to put ![[image.jpeg]] to display the image inside a note (see the !) However, if I type ![](https://drive.google.com/image.jpeg) the image will not be displayed. Have you found a way around this?