Obsidian Sync Exclude single file

Use case or problem

Now Obsidian Sync can only exclude whole folder. But sometimes, I only need to exclude several files, and these files cannot be moved to an ‘excluded’ folder. So it would be nice to have an option to exclude individual file, just like .gitignore.


Yes, I also have this need. Among the synchronization schemes I have used at present, the official synchronization is undoubtedly the best in speed and stability; However, in selective synchronization, there is no way to exclude a file, only the entire folder. This function can be implemented on both resiliosync and synching (they both have a. Ignore file to exclude files and folders that do not need to be synchronized). I want to exclude a file because I need different settings when using it on different devices. I want to exclude the configuration file (data. JSON) of individual plug-ins, otherwise my Vault will look strange. For example, when I work on a 4K resolution PC, my layout is just right; When switching to 1080p notebook, the display effect is really messy; At this time, I need to exclude the configuration file of workspace and set it separately to make the notebook display normally.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to exclude arbitrary files. I’m pretty sure you guys are probably sick of hearing this.

Also, it would be nice to have some visual indication that a file or a folder is not synced, so it is only local and safe to delete. I believe the current workflow is sync, exclude, and delete, which is not the most intuitive thing.